Lately, we’ve decided to give our living room a little refresh. The addition of a few small, simple touches can give the space a new lease of life. We’ve been speaking with the Farthing on how you can spruce up the living room and for us, it’s plants!

Easy and affordable, introducing plants, flowers and succulents to the home will brighten the room and it’s a great way if you’re loving the current tropical trend.

We opted for an Areca palm in the corner for a larger statement, a vibrant Dieffenbachia plant on the floor and then to finish off our shelves, some hanging ivy (which we’re hoping will grow down long and luscious!).

IMG_5847 - Copy

It adds a much needed pop to the room, don’t you think? We got ours from Homebase but any local garden centre will have just what you’re looking for.

If you’re inspired to bring some greenery into your scheme then we’d definitely recommend heading to Urban Jungle Bloggers, which is full of ideas. We’d also love to see how you’ve brought some botanical flourishes to the home so feel free to drop us a tweet.  

David & Mark x

3 replies on “The Jungle Look

  1. I love a houseplant! I love the colour and texture it brings against a more neutral colour scheme. Totally agree, it definitely adds a ‘pop’ to the room 🙂


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