Remember when we got that sofa from Freecycle? It’s been a permanent fixture in our little lounge, but as we make tweaks here and there – like including some jazzy new houseplants – we decided it needed a bit of love.

Like we all know, cushions and soft furnishings can change the whole look of a room, so we took it upon ourselves to grab the sewing machine and make some fresh covers for the loose cushions and breathe some new life into our old-faithful.

With a little bit of rudimentary knowledge and this handy YouTube video, we grabbed some ikat fabric and got down on the floor to cut pieces to make some envelope cushion covers. We’re thrilled with the results, what do you think…


Living room (4)
Completed with a Habitat x House of Holland cushion

So before you head out to buy expensive new cushions, why not try making some yourself first… you may surprise yourself with the outcome!

David & Mark x

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