In the words of Olive Penderghast…


You may remember our post not too long ago, it described our torment at being recklessly shoved out on to the street by our evil landlord. Ok, perhaps it’s not that bad, however we are gutted that it’s time to move again.

Our current dilemma however is this. We have been kindly asked by a friend if we’d like to move into their flat, a gorgeous two bedroom apartment in Peckham that incredibly boasts an indoor swimming pool, mini gym and a tennis court. Sounds incredible, right? It is, and on top of that the rent and bills are going to be significantly cheaper then what we’re paying now.

I suppose it’s a no brainer. However, when you’re a couple and have lived together, just the two of you, for two years, we definitely had to take a moment to weigh-up the pros and cons.

We’ve decided it’s going to be a great idea, not only is the flat wonderful but the couple are a dream too. As we’re saving up to hopefully one day buy, this seems like a sensible option. Ideal for anyone else wanting to save some pennies, we’d definitely recommend house shares. They may not be for everyone but even if it’s a short-term option, if it gets your savings looking healthy then why not?

So for now it looks like we, along with Kiki, are going to be residents of Peckham.

Don’t worry Tooting, we’ll be back.
David & Mark x

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