It seems we’re back to square one. It has been two years since moving into our flat and sadly, we have to move out. We took it for granted that the landlord would renew but annoyingly the property Gods are against us and so off we go again on the search for another part of London to call our own.

Funnily, we did start the blog to document our renting journey so if anything this little part of the web has a purpose again.

Anyone who reads the blog or knows us we’ll know that we really did make this flat our own. When we do our 5 Minutes With the question we always ask first is “what is the first place you called home and how did you make it your own” and that’s because we feel that if we were asked this question, we’d say here, our little abode in Fairlight Road.

I suppose that’s the London renting game though isn’t it? What a horrid thing it is. Well, we have 3 months to find somewhere equally as nice, if not better so bring it on.

To remind yourself of how we came to live in this flat, our journey of moving in together and to keep updated on things to come then click here.

From two sad little bloggers (and one cat who couldn’t care less),
David & Mark x

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