It’s probably the only country in the world you won’t find a McDonald’s, but aside from that why are we all so obsessed with North Korea. Ok, so their government is a little…different…and it’s not exactly the place people are lining up to go on holiday to – but we must admit, from their towering statues to unique way of displaying artwork, the little country is a fascinating place!

Political Statues in Pyongyang – image courtesy of Google

However, it’s not just hammers and sickles that are dominating design in North Korea. There’s also a really interesting movement going on with their interiors and it looks like something out of a Wes Anderson movie… Tumblr account North Korean Interiors documents this phenomenon perfectly so with that said, we have a little game for you…

North Korea or Wes Anderson?


Round one: here’s an easy one!


Round two:


Round three:


Round four:


Round five:


Round six:


Round seven:


Round eight: maybe the hardest?


Ok – ready for the results?

  1. Wes Anderson, of course, from The Grand Budapest Hotel
  2. This candy-coloured locker room is actually in North Korea!
  3. It’s another set picture from The Grand Budapest Hotel, courtesy of Mr Anderson
  4. A doubler from Wes, this is from the fantastic cafe he designed in Milan
  5. A curvaceous auditorium in North Korea
  6. Ok, the words here were a giveaway – it’s North Korea
  7. Eagle-eyed readers will spot this is the same cafe as Round 4… Wes Anderson
  8. Let’s just ALL take a minute to appreciate this gorgeous marble room in North Korea

How did you score? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below if you got full marks! Don’t forget to check out North Korean Interiors for more inspiration from maybe the most controversial country in the world.


Anyway, it’s 안녕 from us,
David & Mark x

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