Somewhat of a British institute, there are over 900 Wetherspoon pubs spanning the UK. From quaint seaside villages through to bustling cities and, of course, airports – because a pint at 8am before your flight is mandatory – you’ll find a Weatherspoon pub with their Woo-Woos and their burger and pint deals everywhere you turn.

What you may not take notice of is the flooring and why would you? Yet read on and discover a little bit of interior magic that may make you want to start popping into your local…


Now, we must admit, a Wetherspoon pub isn’t our first choice for a watering hole. Lovely names like “The Moon Under Water” don’t fool us. Usually, we enter a Wetherspoon’s dubious – hungover creatures, searching for a cheap bacon butty and hoping that we don’t anger the locals as they tuck into their all day breakfast.


Then we realise there’s £10 prosecco on the menu and find the best reason to stay…


However, it’s not just the cheap plonk which makes it a good reason to go in. Keep your head down and you’re potentially looking at a carpet never seen anywhere else.

Something which may usually be overlooked, a Spoon’s carpet is actually quite an interesting thing. Yes, many look as though they’re from your nans house, yet a Spoon’s carpet doesn’t come cheap. Each tapestry floorcovering is individually designed and partly handmade by Devon based Axminster and can cost anything from £20k up! Perhaps may be now you’ll think twice when you’re swishing your pint about.

With over 900 Wetherspoon’s in the UK it’s incredible how unique each carpet is. You apparently won’t find one the same. That’s why we give a round of applause to London based blogger, Kit Caless, whose Tumblr documents many of the Wetherspoon pubs across Britain and their individual carpet designs.

Although many may find them garish, these heavily patterned carpets are more than just tactical ways to hide spills. The rich colours and ornate designs tell stories of each boozer. With the success of Caless’ Tumblr page as well as an Instagram account started by another fan dedicated to the flooring, Caless has brilliantly compiled all the different pubs and carpets into one book, Spoon’s Carpets: An Appreciation.

An appreciation indeed. If it’s true and each carpet is different, then for a massive British chain, that’s quite a special thing and something that we feel makes a Wetherspoon pub just that little bit more appealing.

David & Mark x

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