No, not a Spanish man called Francisco but a lovely little online brand offering graphic printed and embroidered cushions. Say hello to My Friend Paco.


With so many online interior retailers out there selling such an extensive array of homewares, it’s truly special when you come across a brand that specialises in handmade items.


At My Friend Paco, Portuguese designer, Maria Figueiredo, takes inspiration from graphic design, art and fashion, creating cushions that showcase beautiful florals, landscapes and geometric motifs. Designed and produced in Portugal, there are currently two collections at My Friend Paco, printed and embroidered cushions, all of which offer stand-out designs.

Here are our top six favourites…

For the full collection, head to My Friend Paco. We would love to know which is your favourite – leave us a comment or tweet us and let us know!

From your friends,
David & Mark x

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