We all need somewhere to chill out in our homes. Whether it’s a nook in a bedroom or a cosy window-sill to read a book on, there’s something to be said for creating a little haven where you live. However, this isn’t a new concept – yep you’ve guessed it – we’re talking about Man Caves and Girl Caves…


Now, you know the stereotypical ‘Man Cave’ – it’s got a bar, a TV, a pool table and all of the other fancy gadgets and gizmos you’d think a ‘man’ would have in a room where he can escapes the worries of the day-to-day. But more recently, there’s definitely been a move away from the stereotypical walnut and leather interiors to something a little less oppressive.

Those who have been watching this year’s Great Interior Design challenge, you might remember this:

Designer Anna took a new approach to the man cave and added elements of botanical colours, muted tones and statement touches – like the birdcage pendant in the picture above. However, the room still had the classic elements of the bar and TV space which means that Man Caves don’t need to be super masculine to fit into this theme. After all, no two men are the same – so why be constricted to whisky and cigars if you like gin and lemonade?

The good people at Amara have jumped on this trend and have put together a list of the essentials every man needs in their cave. We’ve given it a little edit ourselves and we think these are the key pieces you need to create this look…

However, it’s not just the guys who are creating a safe haven in their homes. Last week, we spied Catherine Zeta-Jones posted on Instagram showing her own ‘girl cave’.

This time around, CJZ has opted for a sewing machine, ballet bar and some statement lighting. It’s all about those personal touches – things that make your space unique. However, there’s some similarities between these girl and boy havens! Check out the plush sofa and leather touches, abundance of wood and statement lighting. Seems like a common theme…

Here are some touches from West Elm that we think will add a feminine touch to any lad-pad and transform it into a Girl Cave…


We’re also loving Kate La Vie’s Girl cave – check this out for some inspiration…

So what are the key elements to any kind of non-gender specific cave? No matter the gender there some things you should consider before cannibalising an entire room in your home for this:

Consider the purpose…

What are the main activities you’re going to do in the room? By this, we’re including sleeping as an activity by the way, so if this is case you better be sure you have a damn comfortable sofa…

Are you designing just for you?

If it’s a cave for your own personal pleasure then cool – do what you need to do… However, with space usually at a premium the room could potentially be a bit of a multi-purpose effort. Could it also double up as a dining room? Make sure you really think about this before you start.

Be as distraction-free or filled as you like.

If it’s somewhere you want to chill – and you consider having some silent reflection chilling out – you better make sure that space is serene. However, you might want to keep busy, so keep your habits on hand, whether it’s a PS4 or a piece of knitting you pick up from time-to-time.

Feeling inspired? We’d love to know what you’d have in your cave… Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below!

We could get used to the cavemen lifestyle,
David & Mark x

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