Tube strikes? No thank you. Rainy weather? I’d rather not. Spent your whole January wage in two weeks? Help me, I’m poor.

If you’re anything like us then these things will ring true. Well let’s put those January blues at bay with a few things that have launched this month. You may have to wait until February to buy them but it can’t help to look at something pretty, right?


Let’s have a look what’s on offer…

Daniel Heath launches cushions

Known for his beautifully intricate and wonderfully decedent wallpaper, surface designer Daniel Heath is launching a collection of cushions, which we’re very excited about. With nine designs, these soft furnishings are available in fashionable velvet as well as linen and corduroy. From mustard and gold through to emerald and vibrant blues, there’s certainly a design and colour that we’re sure you’ll love. What’s your favourite?


The cushions drop any time this month so keep an eye out on the website.

My Friend Paco introduce the Reptile collection

From cushions to… cushions… we raved about My Friend Paco not too long ago and now they’ve introduced a new set of cushions. RYTA, WIZZZ and OLIVER are the latest additions and we love their reptilian charm.

Reptile collection - all.jpg

Check out the Reptile collection here.

Florrie+Bill, the STUDIO collection

We previewed this collection a couple of months ago and we fell in love. The STUDIO collection from Florrie+Bill is its debut fabric collection. With ten designs on offer, the collection is inspired by the Florrie+Bill workshop. We love the natural and contemporary feel of the fabrics and just check out the colours. Monochrome mixed with pops of pink and  earthy greens, it’s a winning combination.

The fabrics are available to commission on the brand’s collection of authentic vintage and retro sofas and chairs. Additionally six designs have been transferred on to… you guessed it, cushions!


Want to see more? Click here for the collection.

There you have it, the need to know launches for the month. Basically, it’s all about cushions.

David & Mark x

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