Gluggavedur. Bless you. 

No it’s not a viral throat infection, a song by Sigor Ros or a new character from an upcoming Star Wars film, gluggavedur is instead another interiors import from abroad. Much like the hygge hype, gluggavedur has arrived from Iceland – the home of Bjork and a wonderfully liberal acceptance of LGBT rights (go Iceland!). However, we can’t help but feel that gluggavedur is another interiors fad that is simply not needed. 


Find out why we’re not quite convinced on this one…

Meaning ‘window weather’, gluggavedur is the idea that we want to sit by the window and watch the pouring rain outside whilst curled up, all warm and snuggly indoors. We don’t know about you but we most certainly spend our time more wisely. 


Lagom, meaning ‘everything in moderation’, is our Finnish encounter and like hygge and gluggavedur, it offers some home hacks for introducing the lifestyle yourself. Soft browns, ochre tones, terracotta and smoked wood are suggested for bringing some lagom love to a scheme. Along with some hygge-style cosy throws and fluffy slippers, you have an instagram post waiting to happen. 

As interior bloggers, it’s obvious that we love all things related to the home however with hygge about staying in and gluggavedur watching the outside from the discomfort of your windowpane, we sense an impending increase of vitamin D deficiency. It may come as a surprise but there’s actually lots to see outside, no matter what the weather. Shame on you Iceland and Denmark, with your beautiful landscapes, making everyone feel guilty about looking at them. However don’t fret, Norway is on the horizon with friluftsliv (no, seriously, we’re actually not making this up). It’s basically about connecting and appreciating the great outdoors. Thank God that out of all these “trends” one of them allows you to step out the front door.

It’s all getting a little too much for us. We can’t help but feel that we should just be applying the lagom mentality to these trends – everything in moderation seems rather apt right now. 


David & Mark x

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