So, unless you’ve been under a rock, you will know about the Danish trend we’re all embracing this time of year. That’s right, we’re talking about Hygge. Pronounced Hue-gah, the trend is all about embracing life’s little moments; embracing the cold and wrapping up warm, having a hot chocolate and snuggling up on the sofa. If this hasn’t set the scene enough, here are some lovely stock-images of people embracing the way of life:

Now we’re all about the Scandi thing – hell, we’re as big Eurovision fans as they come – but we can’t help but get a bit of a sour taste in our mouth when it comes to hygge. Maybe it’s our Great British mentality or maybe it’s just because we’re sick of seeing it on Instagram, but we think the milk in our hygge-hot-chocolate might be off – and we’ve had enough!

So, as the festive period creeps towards us and we get that heating on, here’s five reasons why hygge is rubbing us up the wrong way…

  1. Despite every article on hygge clearly stating it’s pronounced ‘Hue-gah’ you still get headlines such as ‘Getting Busy with the Hygge’ or ‘Getting Hygge With It’.tumblr_nemzw3W7TW1tb56jlo1_500.gif
  2. It’s nothing new. Unless sitting on the couch with a cup of tea is alien to you we’ve been hygge-ing for the last decade. It’s called ‘watching X Factor on a Saturday night’.tub
  3. Hygge is basically just a trend for Instagram. I mean, how many of us really sit on the floor next to the fire with a glass of red wine, a scented candle and bouquet of flowers all perfectly positioned to make sure you can get it into an 800 x 800 shot.tumblr_nkepckpeJb1silxrio1_500.gif
  4. The official definition of hygge is “the absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming” – if you live or work in London then hygge is psychically impossible to achieve.tumblr_n8w17t9ty81qlb447o1_400_zpsaea502c0
  5. It’s a fad, it will go, don’t let your life be invaded by hygge and don’t waste your money. Just like when we all suddenly wanted to be chic Parisian people or dress like Steve Jobs with the ‘normcore’ trend, hygge is just a Scandi takeover and all of a sudden we’re being subconsciously sold normal things like mugs, cushions and cardigans under the pretence that it’s ‘hygge’.Mean-Girls-stop-trying-to-make-fetch-happen.gif

Maybe we’re just miserable Brits who should actually embrace the way of thinking  but we do think we’ve all been brainwashed by hygge. Now go light the fire, make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and light a candle – just try and hold back on calling it hygge, we dare you!


David & Mark x

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