When choosing furniture for the home, what are the two aspects you look for? Style and quality. Meet Camerich – high end furniture at an affordable price.

Elan sofa

A high end designer store, the Camerich collection comprises sofas, lounge chairs, beds, dining tables, desks and storage. The range of sofas in particular caught our attention. Manufactured using luxury materials, there is an array of styles and options to suit all.

Now buying a sofa is certainly an investment however, don’t fret. Camerich has thought of every way to make the process as smooth-running as possible.

Era sofa
Amor sofa

First, the fun bit. Choosing your sofa online is a simple process. Simply browse the extensive collection, find your style, pick your size, colour and fabric, and the job is done.

Yet visualising how your sofa will look is always tricky. Camerich’s Interior Architecture qualified team can produce digital 2D or 3D drawings of sofas and furniture to your specifications, so you can visualise exactly how the furniture will work in your space.

However, if you’d like to test drive a sofa first then why not visit a Camerich showroom? Camerich currently has six showrooms based in London so it’s definitely worth a visit so you can see exactly which sofa suits you. Click here to see where the showrooms are located.

Finally, if you’re sofa-less and your chosen designer sofa isn’t available for immediate delivery, Camerich can loan you a sofa whilst you wait for your design to be made and sent – so no need to hunt out the deckchairs from the attic!

Moodie sofa
Lazytime sofa

Stylish, affordable, great quality and a simple process, if you’re looking to update the home with design-led furniture without the fuss, we’d recommend a trip to Camerich.

Visit the Camerich website to browse the collection and discover more.

David & Mark x

This post is a collaboration with CamerichFor more information on working with us, head here.

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