Since statement walls became all the rage we have seen wallcoverings develop. From intricate wallpapers and boldly painted rooms through to wallpaper on ceilings, it’s great to see so much experimentation in the home. With that said, we thought we’d take a look into some exciting designers and brands creating intricate designs that not only look great but tell a story too.

We love how many designers use wallcoverings as an outlet to create detailed artwork which from afar offer an effective and beautiful print yet move closer and you become lost in a story.

Trueromanceslate.jpgDesigners Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire, the brains behind Mini Moderns have done just that. New wallcoverings, titled True Romance, are inspired by the classic comic strips the pair read in their sisters’ magazines when young lads. Part of the Saturday Night/Sunday Morning collection, we love the throwback romance story and the bold colours used.

Angela Groundwater is also using design to create tales of experience and imagination. Growing up in a supposedly haunted home in Melbourne in the 70s, Angela would draw everything she spotted. Since moving from Australia to East London, Angela uses her passion of art to produce wallpapers depicting her fears and fascinations.

Caravaggio’s ‘Bacchus’

Religion, old age, insects, mythology and architecture feature in many of Angela’s designs and usually with a subtle touch of humour.

Caravaggio (above), for instance depicts artist Caravaggio’s ‘Bacchus’, the God of wine who from afar looks saintly and ethereal yet look up close and Bacchus has been given a modern-twist, fashioning Y fronts and flip flops. OAP Ladies of East London (below) also looks like an intriguing geometric print, however think again. The wallpaper has been created in collaboration with Age UK and features local ladies from East London – beautifully detailed and a worthy cause.

Another resident of East London, designer Daniel Heath, also takes inspirations from life around him. Having trained at the Royal College of Art in silk-screen printing, Daniel makes bespoke, hand printed wallpapers featuring decadent designs including Art Deco buildings, colonial palaces and circus performers. Daniel’s wallcoverings transport you back to another time, yet by using the modern technique of laser engraving and metallic tones, the wallcoverings are updated with a contemporary aesthetic.

Onyx Skyline wallpaper – image taken at a Daniel Heath workshop

Read more about Daniel’s work here

This is similar for Genevieve Bennett whose use of mixing inspirations of floral and Art Deco motifs with modern techniques result in contemporary, yet timeless, tactile wallcoverings. Working with unusual materials not usually seen on walls, Genevieve’s craftsmanship shines through her use of bespoke leather sculpting and leather tiles. More recently, Genevieve has collaborated with John Lewis on a range of wallpaper where her skills have been used to create a collection of versatile designs perfect for the modern home.


Right; Genevieve’s leather work

Genevieve Bennett
Above; Genevieve’s collection with John Lewis

perry-rise-press-web-10perry-rise-press-web-12Interior designers, 2 Lovely Gays have also collaborated with a highstreet name on a collection of wallpaper. The Perry Rise collection launched last year with Graham & Brown and takes inspiration from the design duos home in South West London. Featuring four designs, the collection offers pink and blue hues and bold patterns perfect for injecting a new lease of life into a tired room.

We love how the duo have used the wallpaper here on the ceiling. An innovative and unique design idea which can make the transition between spaces seem seamless and completely tie a look together. Do you think it’s something you would do in your home?

Why not click here to discover more about the Perry Rise collection.

Finally, the latest trend we’ve spotted which we’re loving has to be marble and watercolour effect wallpaper. Available from Murals Wallpaper, the finishing look is dramatic yet perfectly adaptable for almost all rooms.


Wallpaper is generally seen as a background to a room, however with these designers patheing the way, wallcoverings are no doubt becoming the star of many schemes.

David & Mark x

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