Now without a crystal ball, it’s a little hard to know what’s going to be popular in the year ahead – but we can all have a bit of a brainstorm of what’s around the bend. Now traditionally, the flow goes a little something like this: high fashion > high street fashion > high-end interiors > high street interiors > Primark. But around a dinner table with Houzz at the Miele Experience Centre a few weeks ago we had a startling realisation – are trends actually what’s trending?

First of all let’s talk about the food. We were treated to culinary treats from The Modern Pantry, who are on a mission to fuse everyday cooking with modern ingredients – perfect for an event hosted by kitchen experts Miele. The whole meal was prepared in the Miele Experience Centre on Wigmore Street, which is definitely worth a visit if you haven’t already. We were treated to a beetroot broth, a whole crab (which we needed help eating) to a chocolate experience which was magnificent – so we need to give a special big shout out to The Modern Pantry for keeping us fed and watered throughout the night!

Last year, Houzz got a whole host of bloggers in the same place to have the same discussion last year – so shall we have a look back at the trends that were predicted for 2017 and see if anyone got it spot on? All the images below are courtesy of Houzz – so click away to see more!

New Nordic Luxe

Move over Scandi, this is all about bringing those wooden textures and retro-inspired appliances up to date with clean lines and luxe finishes. We saw a huge move towards the Swedish trend of Hygge last year (eye rolls all round) so this was a considered choice but we haven’t quite seen this trickle down to the high-street retailers yet so while it’s a super nice trend we don’t know how popular it was.

Bringing the Indoors Out

The ultimate take on open-plan living. It’s all about making the most of your space while also getting some fresh air! We’re talking about laying the decking, painting woodwork in some funky colours and thinking of your outdoor space as an extension of any room.


Slim Lines

Forget the chunky furniture – it’s all about keeping it sleek and elegant. It’s the stiletto of the interiors world compared to the clunky-heeled boot. This look will give any room the illusion of a bit more space and is a god-send for the hoover manic who likes to get in all the nooks and crannies.

Dark and Murky Greens

Ever since Baz Lurhmann put his spin on the roaring ’20s in The Great Gatsby, we’ve been all about two things. Contemporary covers of early 2000s pop songs and green velvet. That’s why we think this trend has now just come into fruition in 2017. We’ve been around the trade shows and you can’t swing your copy of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel without seeing a green sofa or club chair.

Pink Velvet Accents

Ok so we can all agree that pink had a MOMENT this year. Whether it was Rihanna x Fenty propelling Milennial Pink into new dizzy heights or La Refuge at Milan Design Week (which was the most instagram’d installation of the event), pink was front and centre of nearly every homeware retailer’s collection. We’ve also seen this creep into the furniture market with sofa companies like Arlo & Jacob, Loaf and all offering something in this shade.

What do you think about these trend predictions and did they live up to what you bought in 2017? After all, we can predict and plot out – but surely it’s what consumers are buying that dictate what’s trending? Definitely food for thought – as long as it’s not a whole crab. 

We’re predicting another blog post about 2018 trends coming soon,
David & Mark x

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