This is a fun one, because these are trends which have been chosen by you! Pinterest has rounded up the most pinned images & what’s set to be hot for the year ahead. 100 trends have been picked across all sectors from fashion to food, but naturally we’re only interested in one thing – the home.

So, with the New Year officially here (Happy New Year by the way), let’s take a little look at the ten trends we can expect to see in 2018, with a peek at how the number of pins has increased over the year…

Resort-inspired style (saves for “spa bathrooms” +269%)
Think spa like bathrooms and rattan furniture. A place to pop your feet-up & relax. Natural materials, lots of tactile pieces & a palm or two – just get some bath salts & dive in.

Magical metallics (saves for “mixed metals” +423%)
Copper has been around for YEARS now and throughout that time we’ve also seen brass, gold and matte metallics make an appearance throughout our homes. This is looking as though it’s on track to continue, but with more metal clashes. Think rose gold with silver, and brass with copper.

b711dc323c24468e26c4431433fb43c2Yes or no to terrazzo? (saves for “terrazzo” +316%)
We’ve found that it’s one which divides opinion but terrazzo seems to be increasing in popularity. From worktops to ceilings and floors, perhaps it will be the new marble? We predicted terrazzo would start making an appearance last year so it’s exciting to see that it’s making waves.

Oh hey inlay! (saves for “bone inlay” +207%)
Mirrors, frames, lamps, they’re all starting to adopt bone inlay. It gives a cool monochrome print. Definitely not one that everyone will love but let’s see if it takes off this year.


Breaking the fifth wall (saves for “statement ceilings” +310%)
We love this trend. Creating a statement ceiling can completely transform a room. Whether you paint or wallpaper, why not vamp up what’s above you. Those clever chaps, 2LG, have shown us how to do it well not too long ago – click!


Is parquet ok? (saves for “herringbone patterns” +131%)
Herringbone wood, whether it be on the floors or furniture is set to triumph in 2018.

Flawless doors (saves for “colourful doors” +121%)
Bright blue? Luminous lime? A great knocker? Or maybe just a mat which says “welcome home”? It’s all about putting your best foot forward and making the greatest entrance to the home possible.


Leafy wonders (saves for “patterned plants” +553%)
Darling, green plants are so 2017. We want plants with pattern. Foliage with fervour. Take a prayer plant for example, stripey leaves are so now.

Make a bang with art (saves for “big wall art” +637%)
The bigger the better. Adorn your walls with statement pieces of art. Create a gallery feature wall, use posters to showcase personality or go that one step further and create mural across the whole room. Surface View is a great place to start for some inspiration.


A sprinkle of sage (saves for “sage” +170%)
Appaz the new neutral, sage is looking to replace taupe and grey. We’re not convinced and think grey is definitely here to stay a little longer.

There you have it, folks. Interior trend predictions according to Pinterest. They’re essentially trends chosen by the people so let’s keep an eye to see if walls turn sage, ceilings are wallpapered and floors are parqueted.

Let’s be havin’ ya, 2018…
David & Mark x


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