Along with copper, jewel tones and the colour grey, marble has been the trendy material of choice for the past couple of years. However, sitting on the horizon is Terrazzo, a refreshing new choice.

Like Mid-Century furniture, kitsch enamelware and parquet flooring, Terrazzo is a throwback trend making its way back into the world of interiors. Traditionally used for flooring and walls, Terrazzo is made from chips of marble, quartz, granite and glass to give a scattered kaliedscope look.

To get the best idea of Terrazzo we’d reccommend checking out collaborations such as Dzek x Max Lamb (Above top and bottom left) who have given a contemporary take on Terrazzo with statement furniture. Although not directly made from Terazzo, Assemble and artist Simon Terrill created The Brutalist Playground, an installation reminiscent and inspired by forgotton playgrounds built around social housing created in postwar years. Although rather than the harsh texture of concrete, this playful installation is created using the softness of foam in sugary pastel tones (right). The specks of colour gives the piece a Terrazzo feel.

The best thing about this is that no longer does Terrazzo have to be hostage to the floor. Bring the speckled effect into the home through the use of accessories, soft furnishings and even stationery. How about these for starters….

  1. Amara 2. Oliver Bonas 3. Goodhood 4. Bentu Designs 5. 12 Thirteen Store

What do you think about Terrazzo? Is it a trend that’s here to stay?

David & Mark x

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