When it comes to shopping for vintage furniture, it can be a bit of minefield. Whether it’s making sure the item is in good condition, purchasing it for more than it’s worth or making sure you properly do your research – it’s not as simple as rocking into a vintage shop and picking a piece up. We’ve been doing this for a while and we want to give you a couple of options of where you can find pieces – and the places you might not be looking in!

First up, let’s talking about doing it the easy way – and how to splurge. This is great if you have a specific piece, or look, in mind for your existing scheme. Maybe you’re looking to decorate around this piece or it’s the last missing item that will bring a room together. We’re firm believers in when you’re looking for something, you’ll never find it, but that’s why we’re so glad we’ve discovered Soho Home and specifically their Vintage furniture section.

On the website, you can easily filter between product, look and price – meaning you’ll save heaps of time and energy traipsing round the shops to get the find you’re after. Each peace is guaranteed to be in a condition that’s useable – so there’s another bonus. Equally, there are some rare and timeless pieces on offer meaning you’ll be investing in something that’s both tried and tested and will look amazing in your home.

Having visited a few Soho Houses around the world, including London and Barcelona, we know the look is classic but with eclectic twists. Standout products we’ve seen include vintage sofas and beautiful ornate rugs, ideal for bringing this look into the home in a pre-loved fashion.

On the flip-side, if doing the leg-work is your thing – there’s a bit of a hidden gem on the high street that might be right up your alley. Did you know that British Heart Foundation have over 170 Furniture & Electrical shops over the UK? So, first thing’s first – find yours here. Then we definitely advise taking a trip for a nosey.

Mix & match furniture and style up the home using vintage finds from a whole host of places. Image source; Heart Home Magazine.


While some of the more vintage pieces you’ll find might be a little more worse-for-wear than shopping online, you’re still guaranteed to bag a bargain once you find that hidden treasure. And treasure is exactly what it’s all about – think of shopping there like a treasure hunt. It might take longer and it’s not as organised as the likes of Soho Home – the reward is more than the piece you find. It’s also the satisfaction of finding that amazing piece – and to top it off, the proceeds from the sale go to a good cause!

Prices in the BHF stores average from £95 for a sofa to £65 for a bed frame – so it’s ideal for students or those (like us) who are renting and just need something to fill a gap. However, as we said before, you can get some amazing stand out pieces from charity shops and they should never be overlooked.

The added extra that we love from the British Heart Foundation is the fact that the charity will actually help you donate to the cause. If you’re about to replace an existing piece that isn’t quite ready for the land-fill just yet, BHF have a free collection service for unwanted Furniture and Electrical goods and you can book this online. So whether you’re spending or saving – you can do some good with your unwanted pieces.

If you want to check out some of the amazing pieces that have been found at British Heart Foundation shops, check out the #BoughtatBHF hashtag where some of you have been doing it for the ‘Gram…

We’re actually going to be launching something very exciting with the BHF soon – so stay tuned to our Instagram to see more come October!

So on your next vintage furniture hunt will you be splurging or saving? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy hunting,
David & Mark x

This post is a collaboration with Soho Home. For more information on working with us, head here

One thought on “Vintage Finds & Where to Find Them: Splurge Vs. Save

  1. Thank you for sharing this post! Vintage is definitely timeless and knowing where to search for the beautiful vintage pieces is crucial. Although I usually like to save when hunting for the furniture, if the piece of your dreams that will look amazing in your home comes your way, I’m all for splurging. 🙂 Very useful information in this guide, I will now know where to look first for my next vintage piece of art thanks to this blog post.


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