We’ve been looking for a good daily planner since the start of the year. As soon as 2019 arrived we wanted to start our jobs with a structured, clear and, naturally, nice-looking planner but it turned out to be a lot harder than originally thought!

2019 daily goal planner from Mal Paper in dusky pink with gold text. Journal, diary, stationery.

There were particular requirements this planner needed to meet. As well as being design-led and pleasing on the eye, we wanted a planner which had a clear to-do/check list, we wanted it to display the date at the top, we wanted it be a page-a-day planner, ideally spiral bound for ease of flattening on your desk and we needed it to be a decent price. This was tough.

We found a bunch of daily planners and diaries we fell in love with. The Completist ticks ALL the boxes for killer designs. These ones by Hello Day Planner have nice chunky spirals, clear page layouts and are SO Instagram, darling! but are just a little bit out of our price range. Then you’ve got Papier, gorgeous designs but sadly no daily planners. We also scoured go-to stationery stores like Paperchase and Ryman’s who just didn’t have what we were looking for and lack personality.

At a loss, we looked to the Instagram design crowd for suggestions which took us to kikki.K and even T.K. Maxx but they didn’t quite cut the mustard.

2019 daily goal planner from Mal Paper in dusky pink with gold text. Journal, diary, stationery.

So what have we been using for the last six months, you ask? Well, we’ve been scrawling on rubbish corporate work ones – yawn. Yes, they’ve done the trick – deadlines have been met and meetings have been attended – but when the fine folk at Mål Paper introduced themselves we thought we found a winner.

So who are Mål Paper? Inspired by the Scandinavian way of laid-back, care-free living, Mål are a stationery brand who produce cool looking and contemporary planners. For those who didn’t know, Mål, pronounced ‘mo-l’, means goal in Swedish and that’s why these daily planners tick all the right boxes.

Used every day, the planner would last around 6 months. If you cut out the weekends like we are (we’re using it purely for the work week) then you could stretch it out a little longer. The soft faux leather planners are available in three colours. We went for the light grey and pink but they also have a classic black.

We’re loving using ours. The planners are simple, slick and pretty much check all our boxes. The things they don’t have such as a spiral bound spine and pre-written dates, can be looked over. The spines, for instance, do snap down so the planner can lay flat. And yes, pre-written dates would be great, we won’t lie, but there are added extras which make keeping track of dates easy. As well as a page-per-day check list, the Mål planner also has a monthly calendar and a weekly planner so you can really narrow down your dates, plans and engagements.

And if you’re a proper journal-er then you’ll love the little details throughout, such as a daily affirmations, gratitude section, daily quotes and an slot for daily reflections.

We’re definitely hard customers to please when it comes to finding spot-on stationery but a great job from Mål Paper with these planners. Work is just that little bit better now we have these on our desks.

David & Mark x

This post is a collaboration with Mål Paper. For more information on working with us, head here

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