Well, hello there, stranger. How you diddling?

That’s right. We didn’t get kidnapped. We’re alive and we have news.

So, first things first, where have we been you ask? Well. To be honest, we’ve had a bit of a blog vacation. You see, following the Christmas break, we kicked off the start of 2019 in Hong Kong and once we were back, work took over and before we knew it we were in spring. It’s super-clichéd, but where does the time go??

It’s been a hard one, tackling when to start the blog again. We both have full-time jobs which naturally demand a lot of our time. Both of our jobs, as well as being in the interior design sector, also involve a lot of day-to-day copy writing and social media planning. So naturally when it comes to our evenings and weekends, we don’t always fancy sitting back in front of a laptop to discuss furniture and trends. We want to shut off, put Love Island on and eat a tub of Ben & Jerry’s in peace.

With that said, we’ve had Forward Features for five years now. It’s been a labour of love which has opened up loads of opportunities for us including some wonderful press trips and even an award, so we’re definitely not giving it up. However, what we have learnt from not blogging every week is… nothing happened. We haven’t stopped being invited to lovely events. We haven’t stopped chatting to the design crowd, who we love. We haven’t had our Amara award taken away from us. Yes, granted, we’re really not that big to think so highly about ourselves that we thought we’d have pitchforks at the door demanding the next blog post BUT we did realise that we put so much pressure on ourselves. Whether that’s to get the next blog post out, to attend three events in an evening or to constantly upload to Instagram. It has been the most refreshing realisation that it’s ok to just not. So, although we’re saying “hi” again, we may not be saying “hi” as frequently as before.

We did think that, as well as giving you a little rant about where we’ve been, this would be a great time to update you on some exciting news…


Yes, some of you already knew – because we can’t shut up about it – but we’re really excited to officially announce it. I know we’ve always harked on about renting and yes, renting is amazing but we can’t tell you how excited we are to get into our own space and property and do whatever the hell we want to it (with in the limits of what’s in the contract, obvs!).

So that’s our news, that’s where we’ve been and that’s what we’re going to be doing next. So stay tuned for more updates on our new flat soon. We can’t wait to tell you all more about it!

Love first-time property owners,
David & Mark x

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