If, like us, you’re a city dweller, then you’ll know full well how much of a premium space can be. Every nook and cranny is a little blessing from the property angels, so it’s important to make the most out of your space.

Our living space is a classic new build living/kitchen/diner set-up so we’re trying to zone the space as much as possible. Behind the living area and where our shelves are, we bought a new dining table and chairs – just a simple Ikea jobby but handy all the same. If you’re interested, then it’s the NORDEN dining table and TERJE dining chairs – cheap and great for space and storage. But the problem we had was with the chairs. We didn’t want both leaves of the table up all the time, instead opting for a compact look to create more space. So what to do with the chairs when there isn’t much storage space in then flat? Embrace it we say!

Why not hang the chairs up on the wall? Be proud of your extra seating and display them for the world to see! It seems a little radical, most of us like to stash and store our stuff away. Out of sight, out of mind and all that. But when space is limited you need to think of extra ways to be clever with your furniture.

We can’t take full credit for this as we actually saw it done in Ikea. But we loved the idea and it was a great way to get chairs out the way when not needed.

What do you need? These BJARNUM folding hooks are your friend and they’re only £9.50 for a pack of three. We lazily went back to trusted TaskRabbit and got handyman, Nathaniel, out to help us with these but to be honest, they would’ve been really simple to mount.

And when you’re using the chairs, just fold up the hooks for a seamless look. Nifty! Kiki approves…

Do you have any other space saving tips and tricks to share? Send them our way!

David & Mark x

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