Trying to find a sofa that’s right for you can be a long and expensive process. However, if you look hard enough, sometimes the sofa will find you. David spied a bit of a find on Freecycle (one of our favourite resources) which might just fit a temporary bill in our new flat.

Originally from Sofa Workshop, this midnight blue two-seater is perfect for a temporary measure in our new place. When we spotted the owner was in Balham, we couldn’t say no to it. The only thing we were concerned about was the transport situation. Without car or van, we didn’t have any way to bringing the sofa home – apart from rolling up our sleeves and lifting it ourselves.

photo 1(4)
Rallying the troops!

And that’s exactly what we did. Calling in the muscle (in the form of Mark’s housemate and a couple of friends) we marched down to Balham with the best intentions of lifting the sofa home. However, after getting it a mere 50 metres down the road and around the corner, we really started to struggle and had already been laughed at by a few upstanding residents.

photo 4(3)
We found ourselves in quite the pickle…

Taking advantage of one of the people who we were entertaining, who just happened to have a white van, David made the bold move of asking the driver for a lift. And give us a lift he did! This kind Sri Lankan man helped us load the van and drive us the mile back home to Tooting Bec free of charge – saving us much time and effort. For this we are eternally grateful!

photo 1(3)
Loading the van…

Once we got it home we were able to take the time and inspect the sofa. Having only seen it in a picture and being in such a rush to collect it, we’re so happy with the condition and quality of it (Pumpkin the cat has even given her seal of approval and found a new bed).

photo 3(3)
Our new sofa!

This is testament to the value and benefits of using Freecycle, which we’re avid fans of and you can see more about it in this previous post. While it might be a temporary addition to our new home, it’s large and comfy enough to tide us over until we can find the perfect sofa for our new place.

Look out for future posts where we’ll be looking at what exactly our perfect sofa is!

The happy bunnies,
David & Mark x

P.S. Huge thank you to Ruth, Josh and Stephen for helping us – you guys are amazing!

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