When you’re dealing with rented accommodation it’s easy for your flat/studio/house to feel cold due to the decorating restrictions – you’re unable to paint the walls, flooring is, and stays, a grubby cream carpet, door knobs are dated and wallpaper is a big no-no. It’s not an unknown fact that interiors can help to warm up your place. That’s why we’re looking to the Moroccan trend. Spicy colours and palettes of deep red and jewelled blues as well as plush purples and sunshine orange, rich with textures and abundant with patterns are all elements of this trend  that will certainly turn your pad in to an Arabian paradise (but not as far as Aladdin’s cave) and is bound to create a cosy hub for a place which is so limited for one to make their own stamp.

Treasures to create this look don’t have to come from far and wide, here we’ve selected pieces ideal to rock the casbah but not break the bank…

Orange & Blue Embossed Tribal Knob, £2.95 from Mac  Me
1. Orange & Blue Embossed Tribal Knob, £2.95 from Mac & Me
Aladdin Glass Bottles graham and greene
2. Aladdin Glass Bottles, £12 from Graham & Green
dunelhm mill - dark wood morrocan mirror
3. Dark Wood Moroccan Mirror, £14.99 from Dunelm Mill
4. Patterned Mug, £3.99 from H&M
ceramic bowl
5. Small Ceramic Bowl, £6.99 from H&M
Le creuset tagine
6. Cast Iron Tagine, £145 from Le Creuset
mands Large Morrocan Tile Print Cushion
7. Large Morrocan Tile Print Cushion, £49.50 from M&S
8. Berber Glaaui Rug, £275 from Liberty
uo swi
9. Marrakech Swing Chair, £200 from Urban Outfitters
dwell cushion
10. Moncur Cushion, £45 from dwell
ethnic tesco cushion
11. Ethnic Pattern Cushion Orange, £8 from Tesco
12. Enamel Tray, £30 from Holly’s House

Like what you see? Shop away…

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11 || 12

David & Mark x

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