Despite the wet weather, we are still aspiring for a sunny balcony in our prospective flat. There’s nothing better than sitting out in the sunshine with a cheeky glass of vino, some snacks and soaking up the rays.

With the lack of green space in London, we think a balcony is the best way to have a low-maintenance, outside area when space is a premium. There are so many amazing flats in Tooting and Balham with these, so we really do have our heart set on our flat incorporating one.

To get us in the mood for summer, we have selected our pick of what we’d love to have on our perfect mid-air sunny haven!

Cress Heads by Polly George from Everything Begins
1. Cress Heads, £18.30 – Everything Begins
Solvinden lamps from Ikea
2. Solvinden lamps, £7 – Ikea
Pols Potten Yellow Birdcage Lantern from Heals
3. Pols Potten Yellow Birdcage Latern, £95 – Heals
Chevron Paper Straws from
4. Chevron Paper Straws, £2 –
Striped Deck Chair from Argos
5. Striped Garden Deck Chair, £29.99 – Argos

Find the products here 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5

Enjoy that summer sun,
David & Mark x

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