We love our garden – we just don’t love the uninvited guests we have out there… We have what can only be described as an infestation of eight-legged friends. In this Indian summer we’re experiencing we’d ideally like to have some al fresco lunches, but we’re being scared back into the house – and we don’t want to be followed…

Now we have so much amazing greenery outside, between Passion flowers and an olive tree, we definitely don’t want to put anything artificial or chemical-heavy out there – so what can we do to deter these little critters? And don’t even think of saying “but they keep flies away” ’cause it’s like Jumanji out there!

So we turned to Natalie, our green fingered friend who has heard our plight and gave us some fantastic advice on how to banish the spiders and allow us to enjoy our garden fully. Here are Natalie’s top tips:

1. Lavender is your friend

English lavender is so easy to grow in the garden and won’t look out of place. It usually comes in a pot, so you don’t have to plant it in soil – ideal in our decked garden. Cats love the smell of lavender, which is handy because they eat spiders – potentially solving the problem.

2. Ssssssalt & peppa’s here

Remember that scene in Hocus Pocus where the witches couldn’t break the ring of salt? The same can be done for spiders and pepper. Apparently the little buggers hate the stuff and won’t come anywhere near it – but it does blow away so we’d need to keep doing it. We have also heard that there are some potions you can conjure. A mix of pepper, vinegear, water, oil and liquid soap (eye of newt optional) sprayed outside around windows and doors can also keep the critters away.  Sounds like magic to us…

3. That new car smell

Now, once you get them out of the garden – where do they go? Not in the house please. Nat has suggested getting some lavender and lemon magic trees to put them off – which sounds a bit random but it makes sense. They are not too strong and we can easily hide them.

We just don’t want them on our stuff…

Have you got any other amazing spider-banishing tips? Share them with us on Twitter and let us know if there anything we’ve missed!

Crawling away for now,
David & Mark x

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