We’re having a little Sunday ponder.

Now we’re not saying we’re not happy in our new flat, not in the slightest, but isn’t it funny how you go to view a property usually just the once, sometimes you’ll go back a second time and that’s all your going on.

When David first told his mum about our flat she had, naturally, some questions – “did you ask the current tenant why they’re leaving” and “did you ask what the tenants and neighbours were like, upstairs, next door and along the street?”.

No was the answer.

We obviously went in and got sucked up in all the lovely wooden floorboards and mustard yellow wall. However, we did ask intelligent questions about electricity, boilers and where the nearest good pubs are, all the essentials.

Luckily, it turns out that the tenant was leaving because work has taken him abroad and thankfully our neighbours are lovely and quiet.

We do however think there should be some 24 hour live-in service. Wouldn’t that be good?

If you found somewhere you liked then they could let you move in overnight just to ‘test the waters’. That way you could figure out if you like the space around you, the area and the fixtures and fittings of the home. It’s all about feeling right in a place at the end of the day and when you’re signing a contract with a 1 year, or in our case 2 year, lease then that’s already quite the commitment. Think of it as a test drive for the home.

As we said, we wouldn’t want to move, but there’s things that you notice after you move in – very creaky floorboards, annoying outdoor noises, evil hungry killer spiders.

We imagine that a lot worse has been found or happened to people who have just moved in, if it’s you, we’d love to hear what! Leave us a comment below or tweet us.

We’re off to ponder some more,
David & Mark x

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