There’s that age old saying that less is more… however, when have we even been the ones to stick to tradition? We can appreciate the need for a bit of calm in the midst of a loud interior, but don’t you think a basic white wall is a just a bit boring?

Take a look at our bedroom walls. We’ve been playing around with the layout in this room, as we have only one source of natural light. In this case, we do appreciate the white in the space as it does help reflect the light around the room. However, it doesn’t need to just be blank to do this.

this is not alwhite.


Why not try adding some texture to these blank surfaces by adding white wall accessories. There’s something very cool about either keeping all your additions white, but you need to be careful to not make the place look too clinical – no-one wants to live in a hospital ward, or contrasting white accessories off a darker colour. We’d recommend something like a Stag Head wall feature; they have great lines and add depth and texture to a room.

Image courtesy of Hey, Henderson


Stag Head from Out There Interiors on Not on the High Street - £65.00
Stag Head from Out There Interiors on Not on the High Street – £65.00
Welcome Worsted ram horns by Emma Cocker from The Tab Collective – £165


To kill two birds with one stone, how about a busy framed wall? Gather all your favourite photos, postcards, pieces of art and keepsakes and frame them to create a statement wall. If you’re feeling coordinated then why not colour coordinate the frames to your soft furnishings. We’d personally opt for something a little more random and free – we’d recomend Wilko for cheap, contemporary frames but if you’re going for a more eclectic, vintage look then head to markets and car boots.

Image courtesy of Resolution: 4 Architecture


Mirrors are also great ways to break up the walls. They let the light bounce around the room, but don’t need to contrast too much against your white background.

Image courtesy of Heart Home


Play with sizing, shape and style to suit the rest of your décor – just don’t have two mirrors facing into each other – it’s not great Feng Sui, apparently!

However, if you want to break up the white wall we’d recommend going bold. One of the key interiors trends we spotted this year is African and Native American tribal prints. That’s why we love this post from Nostalgiecat, who is a woman after our own hearts when it comes to a little DIY in the home. Her idea of using a rug as wall art is fantastic and we love the print as it’s bang on trend. Check out her DIY post on how to achieve this here.

Image courtesy of Nostalgiecat
Image courtesy of Nostalgiecat

What do you think to the above ideas? Are you a fan of the white wall or are you keen to add something to it? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below!

We think we might be all-white for now,
David & Mark x

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