Over a year ago we were having a big old moan about our boring white bedroom walls. As a reminder, this is what they looked like…

Look how unimpressed Kiki is…

Boring right! A year later and we couldn’t take it a minute more and so during a trip to the Botticelli Reimagined exhibition at the V&A, we spotted an Andy Warhol print of Venus which we thought would add the colourful pop we’ve been looking for.


That paired with this fantastic ‘The Best Thing Since…‘ print from A Splash of Colour and our walls are looking suitably refreshed.

Bedroom (6)
Venus poster from V&A, The Best Thing Since… print from A Splash of Colour, info on the print above the bed can be found here, bedding from House of Fraser and floral and velvet cushions lovingly made by us!

We did come across a bit of a hiccup when putting these up. We have always used Command strips and annoyingly, following two attempts, when pulling the frame off (because the strips need to be left on the wall on their own for an hour), it took a bit of the wall off. Suffice to say, there was many a swear word chucked about. However, with that said, we can’t blame it all on the strips – our wall also has an annoying curve to it which mainly caused it. We put it up anyway using just three strips and it has stayed up fine – phew!

It’s amazing what a couple of new prints can do! If this has inspired you to bring some new artwork into the home then we’d recommend Wilko and Dunelm Mill for good, cheap frames. Command strips can be picked up in hardware stores and places like Homebase and Wilko.

Jobs a goodun!

David & Mark x

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