For the last couple of years interiors has been plain and simple. The popularity of shabby chic, Skandi and minimalist designs has meant that base shades of white ad neutral homewares has been prevalent.

However, now a change is coming. As we wave goodbye to summer and welcome in the festive season, it’s the time of year for indulgence. Gothic interiors with dark and moody tones see a refreshing take on what we know as shabby chic and creating a new version of the old.

Heart Home.jpg
Image source: Heart Home

Black walls are a bold statement and most likely not for the design-shy. However, there are definitely smaller touches to bring this trend into the home. Incorporating jewel tones of purple through the use of plush velvet cushions and soft furnishings will immediately give a luxe feel.

Dulux AU
Image source: Dulux
Crucial Trading GH105 Sisal Grand Herringbone, £75m2
Image source: Crucial Trading

Warm metals of copper, gold and brass compliment darker features. Copper especially is this years star metal and shines beautifully against black. We’d go for foxed glass mirrors with decadent shapely frames for the ultimate opulent look but if you really want to add luxury then a marble side table will works wonders.

Crucial Trading WS123 Wool Mississippi Red Plum, £67m2
Image source: Crucial Trading

For accessories, look to brands such as Mineheart, ibride, Rockett St George and Abigail Ahern who specialise in the weird and wonderful. Bizarre portraits of animals dressed as classic militants, commanders or ladies and duchesses are popular choices. If they’re a bit too wacky for you though why not go for a classic bust?

If you’re finding it hard to envision the look, pull your inspiration from period eras, classic literature and gothic art such as the roaring 20’s, Hitchcock films or the work of Edgar Allan Poe.

We’ve taken ours from 18th Century France for our very own theatrical nook

Is this a trend for you and if so, how will you be bringing it into the home? We’

Whatever your inspiration, this season, come over to the dark side,
David & Mark x

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