It’s become a bit of a cliché to say that you’ve taken inspiration from nature with your latest product or collection, so we’re thrilled to see that Earthborn Paints have taken a little veer away from this and spear-heading a new trend that nods to nature’s more unusual inspirations.

Natribes from Earthborn Paints

Natribes is a story that takes its inspiration from natural textiles and pigments at the more – and we quote – exotic end of the scale. The collection is part of the brand’s collaboration with Kährs flooring and is designed to bridge the gap between summer and autumn 2016 – but we think this collection looks damn fine all year round. What’s better is that it’s Claypaint – which is eco-friendly and breathable.

Claypaint from Earthborn Paints

Featuring three statement colours of decadent Pumpkin Pie, the more subtle Freckle and our personal favourite – The Lido, the collection looks sublime when paired with natural materials in your home, such as jute, wood and stone.

Natribes by Earthborn Paints

Being such big fans of Tooting Lido, we’d love to use the paint named after these glorious watering holes to our bedroom to inject a much-needed splash of colour. This will keep us harking after summer all year round and make us think of those lazy days spent in a South London park…

What’s even cooler is that you can play about with these design options on the Kährs website – to see how you can work these colours into your home. We love this as when you’re decorating on a budget, you want to make sure your colour palette is going to work – but these pots won’t completely break the bank: The Earthborn Claypaint is priced at £36.00 for a 2.5L tin (but 100ml and 5L options are available).

What’s your favourite colour from the collection? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter!

Off to jump into the pool now,
David & Mark x

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