We’ve been slightly M.I.A lately, but as many of you know it’s because we’re packing up and heading off to some new digs.

It’s no secret that we loved our little flat and when we received the news that we had to move we were gutted. However, all was not as it seemed.

We were told by our letting agent, Barnard Marcus aka the Pinocchio’s of London, that the landlord did not want to renew the lease. We of course made it clear that we would love to stay and when we asked what the reason was they replied saying there was no reason and that he was not selling and simply did not want to extend the contract.


That wasn’t the case at all. The truth is that our landlord ditched Barnard Marcus in favour for a new letting agent, Daniel James. Which in turn means that we could of stayed in the flat the whole time.


The lesson? NEVER TRUST LETTING AGENTS (- except from Daniel James, who seem like babes). All they want to do is ruin your life.

Instead, be sneaky, go behind their back and find out information direct from your landlord.

We’re of course excited about our new digs in Peckham but as we pack away our things and get barricaded in rooms by cardboard boxes, we can’t help but think how much easier life would of been if the pesky people at Barnard Marcus simply just told the truth.


Pfft whatever, rant over,
David & Mark x

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