The other week we were lucky to hear the wonderful passementerie designer, colour consultant and forecaster, Jessica Light share her insight into the trends to expect for the year ahead. Taking place at the Wool Floor Show London, Jessica explored four key looks which we’re certain will creep into the home in the seasons to come.

Let’s take a look at Jessica’s predictions…

Gothic text

Think Byron, the Bronte sisters and dramatic gothic tales set in dark, derelict buildings. This trend sees the return of Victoriana with exaggerated shapes like those seen in Delpozo’s AW17 collection. Materials of lace and plush velvet are teamed with embellishment, beading and netting. Colours are dark yet warming. In a time where the world is a little scary the gothic trend feels safe, comforting with a hibernating feel. Dark berry shades, grape tones and dark greens will be lightened with the introduction of lilac.

The prints and motifs? Woodland patterns will continue as well as moody, large blooms. Look to brands such as House of Hackney and Surface View and take inspiration from Dutch Master paintings and the darkly surreal paintings of Charles E Burchfield.

Charles E Burchfield painting

This is an exciting move away from minimalism and a celebration of maximalist interiors.

Desert text

If you’re an advocate of minimalism then this is the updated version to keep an eye on. The “new neutral” is inspired by desert landscapes and terra firma tones. Pluck the colours straight from a western scene. Camel, tan and plaster tones are met with rich reds, sky blue and livened with spritely green cacti. It’s warm and organic.

Aerial view landscape photography by Edward Burtynsky
Barbara Hepworth wood sculpture

Welcome back clay and terracotta and pair with leather and suede. Warm wood furniture like beech and ash will be met with plywood – a material which you can expect to see much more of thanks to an upcoming  exhibition at the V&A.

Geo text

Geometrics stay season on season but for 2017 lets mix it up a bit. The Geo trend will take inspiration from post modernism, the 80s, Memphis style, cool Californian vibes and Peruvian crafts/Aztec designs.

Colours naturally will stay playfully primary. They’ll be bright, yet not acid. Pinks will turn peach, orange will morph into a sort of neon coral. These colours and patterns will clash, the structure will be looser, with child like florals and chevron designs.

We’re certain you’ll have seen this trend already. With designers such as Camille Walala and with the success of the David Hockney exhibition. How will it continue? Designs by artists such as Eduardo Paolozzi will inspire a new direction.

Art by Eduardo Paolozzi

Hippie text

From Cornish folklores and Pagan tales to Indian inspirations and mystic migrants, this trend goes back to Mother Nature. Think about faded fables and travels you’ve been on in the past. Perhaps you’ve picked up something beautifully beaded and vibrantly patterned and kept it over the years. It’s now a little faded, worn around the edges yet full of memories, this is how the patterns and colours of this trend have been inspired.

Chalky pastels of pale teals, soothing corals and blue will be the palette of choice. The patterns will include patchwork much like dresses designed by Balenciaga. We’ve seen a lot of knotting and macrame over the past year or two but now it will be about plaiting. Recycled textiles, worn edges, tassels and oversized fringing will finish the look.

Image source: House & Garden magazine

Jessica noted that over the past few years, interior design has been quite masculine. This Hippie trend will be wonderfully light and feminine. Yet don’t be fooled, a touch of darkness is always at foot. Look to the latest Alexander McQueen collection inspired by wishing trees, paganism and Cornish folklore which has a little touch of black magic about it.

A big shout out to Jessica Light for the fantastic talk and Campaign for Wool for inviting us. To find out more about Campaign for Wool and the Wool Floor Show just click the links.

Which trend are you most excited for? We think Hippie is going to be a goodun’.

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment or by tweeting us!

David & Mark x

Title artwork created by Jessica Light/Campaign for Wool

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