As we all know, marble is the material of the moment. There’s a huge appeal in using the natural stone within interior design. From coffee table tops and lamp bases, through to printed rugs in the swirling design, or even headboards (we’re pretty obsessed with our blogger pal, Bianca’s from French for Pineapple!), it’s hard to not enter a home nowadays without spotting some marble.


It’s on surfaces such as kitchen worktops, splashbacks and tables where stone-effects really shine. Quartz is a popular option for those looking for a marble substitute. One of nature’s strongest materials, quartz is durable, stain resistant and versatile. Leading manufacturer of premium quartz surfaces, Caesarstone offers up to 44 different types of surface that are not only fantastic quality but beautifully trend-led.

Last week we attended the launch party of four new colourways that Caesarstone has curated for the season.

Let us introduce to you Rugged Concrete, Montblanc, Moorland Fog and Turbine Grey, four new palettes to update the home.

Moorland Fog

Rugged Concrete and Turbine Grey


These subtle shades were showcased expertly by Caesarstone who collaborated with Francesca Sarti from food studio Arabeschi di Latte on a conceptual food art installation. Each of the new quartz surfaces played host to culinary treats that evoked the spirit of each design.

Mont Blanc quartz and food artistry

Caesarstone party preparations

From blocks of white nougat and Pashmak cotton candy, soft mozerella cheese and stilton, through to  fish skins and slabs of grey meringue, at time’s we were unsure of whether to eat the food or award it with a Turner prize. However, Francesca’s menu surprised and delighted and it highlighted the beauty of each surface perfectly by pairing it with one of the newly launched colours.

Why not have a peek and hear us speak about the launch by clicking on the following shot of our shiny mugs…


Forward-thinking colours to enhance the beauty of the kitchen and beyond, looks pretty great, don’t you think?


Check out the four new colours over on the Caesarstone website by clicking here and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment or tweeting us.

David & Mark x

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