In a world of UKIP, Brexit and Broken Britain, good old Blighty sometimes gets a bit of a raw deal – it’s called GREAT Britain after all. That’s why we’re excited about the latest collaboration announced by two iconic British brands this summer; introducing a partnership between The White Company and British Airways.


Now, it’s no secret we had a little (big) gasp of despair when BA announced they were stopping complimentary catering on their short-haul flights (Mark’s a frequent flyer back to Glasgow and is too much of a snob to fly Ryanair). We had become accustomed to free gin and mini bags of nuts, but instead were presented with a Marks & Spencer menu that had a G&T retailing at £6 – really gang. So, it’s no surprise the airline wanted to do something to up their credentials – and we could think of no better brand to partner with.


For those of you who have been lucky enough to fly Club World – British Airways long haul business class cabin – you’ll know you pretty much get treated like a rock star anyway, so it’s time to pamper yourself further with this collaboration. With the aim to give you a ‘great night’s sleep in the sky,’ the collaboration features a super-soft cushion and throw to keep you wrapped up in a little bubble of joy, while you hurtle through the air at about 500mph in what’s basically an aluminium cylinder. If you’re not a great flyer, there’s sometimes nothing better than a comfy throw to hide under or to keep the sometimes overbearing air-con vents at bay.


Now there’s nothing better than nipping to the loo before landing to wash your face and scrub your teeth (apart from if you go in your socks and stand in something damp…). The new Club World amenity kit comes in an elegantly designed bag from The White Company and contains products from the retailer’s Restore & Relax Spa Collection, as well as a super-soft jersey eye-mask offering a further touch of luxury in the sky – so you’ll arrive at your destination ready to get down to business, or pleasure.


So you’ve got your bedding, your pamper kit and you’re chilling out in your 180 degree flat bed, what more could you want? Only a bloody mattress topper! Yes the collaboration even extends to what’s under the sheets, with a super padded topper to get you to the land of nod faster than you can locate your nearest emergency exit – which may be behind you. Here’s a little word on the collection from the brand themselves:

We are passionate about creating the best night’s sleep for all our customers and I’m truly delighted to now be working with British Airways to ‘sleep well in the sky’. I hope you love the result as much as we do.

Chrissie Rucker, Founder, The White Company.

Launching throughout the bulk of the British Airways fleet in 2018, will you be hopping into luxury with this new collaboration? Read more on the British Airways website – We’re starting to save up the Avios now…

David & Mark x

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