Are you as sick of us as seeing holiday snaps on Instagram yet? Between that and smug teachers on holiday, we’re craving a bit of foreign sun and a dive into something cool and blue. However, if a exotic excursion is off the cards this year or you just want to inject some wanderlust into your home, then we’ve found just the wallpaper collection for you…

Introducing the latest collection from Mural’s Wallpaper. So lifelike, its hard not to picture yourself launching into the blue. Serene, but also chaotic, we love the deep blues and splashes of white that create a real statement.


We’ve been so turned on to these wallpapers after listening to A Piece of Work, a Podcast by Abbi Jacobson (of Broad City fame – watch it if you haven’t already). In collaboration with MoMA, the latest instalment focused on Blue by Yves Klein, whose use of colour was likened to having a country house. The reasoning behind this was that as the colour is so, so intense, you can’t help but get lost in it.

Blue by Yves Klein

One of the themes of the Podcast is the celebration of being bored and getting lost in the silence. When we saw the wallpapers from Mural’s it was maybe the first thing that sprang to mind – how you could lose yourself just looking at the colours, shapes and patterns.


Each wallpaper from Mural’s is created from a super-high-definition photograph and are sold at £25 per sq m and can be purchased online here. Will you be diving in and creating a feature wall? Let us know in the comments below – and don’t forget to check that Podcast out!

David & Mark x


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