If you follow either of us on Twitter or Instagram (and if you don’t then why ever not – details here), then you’d probably have noticed that we have been up to our eyeballs in boxes…


Just a fraction of my so called life #moving ✌️

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Realising the bed screws are packed all the way at the back…

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All packed up and ready to go. TTYL Northwood.

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Every aspect of #moving is just so glam

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and more boxes….

Just a few boxes to collect #moving

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Once we had moved in to the flat we took much delight in ripping, tearing and packing these down and stuffing them in to the cupboard where they will stay hostage for a very long time.

We of course didn’t move everything on our own. We had a gem of a removal van. We went with Optimal Removals – this is the third time we’ve used them since being in London and we’d highly recommend. The cost is £40 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours, the price of course goes up the longer it takes and how many men you need. We decided, much to our aching arms dismay, to use our “man” power and do all the lifting ourselves to save some pennies but if you’re feeling a little bit more flush (or perhaps just a bit lazy) then definitely go for a second man just to save your poor back from a few days of pain.

A full flat post is on it’s way soon and we can’t wait to show you!!

David & Mark x


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