Before Christmas David decided he wanted to make a patchwork quilt. Ideally, it would be a magic cape quilt, just like in Stepmom… but we’re sure he’d get some funny looks, so a grown-up quilt it is. Well, we use the term ‘grown-up’ loosely. Already, the fabric includes a clowder of cats, neon lights which say ‘Peep Show’ as well as the Indian God Ganesha – a random collection, we know, but the idea is that it becomes an extravagant collection of designs, art and things we like.

So with a sewing machine in tow, and a handy tutorial from David’s sewing-wizard mum, it was full steam ahead!

As well as scraps, pieces from jackets and fat quarters found in wardrobes and fabric shops, David also came across Woven Monkey. They’re really great and we couldn’t rave about them enough. Not only are they really helpful and have great customer service but they also cater for different sizes and fabrics, print the artwork in fantastic quality and colour AND to top it off, they provide samples in 20x20cm squares – the exact size needed for the quilt!

If you’re in need of personalised, custom made fabric then Woven Monkey is where you need to go.

So far, David has only ordered these five squares…

Woven Monkey samples
Ganesha, Frida Khalo, Jesus, stags and Soho neon lights are all making an appearance on the future quilt…

And he is certainly planning on getting more soon. At the moment it’s a case of building up a portfolio of imagery, getting them transferred on to the material and finally collecting enough squares to compile the quilt. The plan is to have it finished by the end of the year where it can then take pride of place on the sofa, bed or even hung on the wall as a piece of art, who knows!

Time to get monkeying around!
David & Mark x

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