We love a good old Gumtree find and on Wednesday night we bagged ourselves a bargain.

We’ve been wanting a trunk for a while now and the search has taken us from Wandsworth (a rather rude salesman) to Brick Lane (overpriced and underwhelming). So when we spotted this wooden trunk on Gumtree for the measly price of £23 we had to have it.

photo 2

Now of course, at first glance it’s not the most inspiring of trunks. It’s childish decoration and badly painted Chinese inspired design isn’t quite the look we’re going for. However, look past the paint and you’ve got yourself an amazing shell.

Our plan? Upcycle with a lick of mint green paint, sew and fix a chevron printed cushion for the lid and finally attach some wheels on the bottom and we have ourselves a seated storage unit for the hallway of our flat-to-be.

The same can be said for these scales.

photo 1

Listed by the same seller, these “vintage” scales are perhaps a little grubby but with a clean and a bit of love, will make a lovely feature for the kitchen.

The best part? We managed to haggle the price down by a whole pound – wow!

Stay tuned for a crafty post to come!
David & Mark x

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