Greetings everyone! We write this with a cup of tea whilst sat at the kitchen table in our new flat with big smiles on our faces.

Firstly, you’ll have to excuse us for the delay in posting – moving, unpacking, heading back to work and a lack of internet has meant that we haven’t been able to keep as on top of posting as we’d of liked, but here it is, a peek in to the new flat!

It’s been a great week or so, albeit hectic! The move went well if not for ourย slightlyย still achy backs and legs from all the box moving. We also have already had a few mishaps including a smashed pieces of artwork and a scrape along the hallway wall from a rather tedious and nerve-racking sofa squeeze – turns out our beloved sofa freebie is on the rather obese side and the poor thing nearly didn’t make it in to the lounge. However with much persistence, position changing and our handy removal man and his tool boxย the little bugger now sits, sheepish and on a diet in the living room.

Once we were in on Saturday we got straight to it, like two kids on Christmas day, we were dying to get unpacked and get everything looking slick. Wading through the boxes was a nightmare – despite our very organised labelling, we had dumped the boxes anywhere we could find space so making any order of unpacking was a pain. We powered through though and slowly but surely boxes were dismantled, clothes were hung, rugs were laid and cushions plumped.

By 8pm we were sat with a bucket of fried chicken (classy) and a bottle of champagne ready to fall in to silence and watch the X Factor – bliss!

Sunday, David’s mum and step-dad came up and landed us with yet even more boxes (a lot of David’s old school books, christening presents, work documents as well as an abundance of portfolios, programmes and rave reviews from his theatre child-star days – ha!). Although these boxes were met with a feared look the rest was welcomed with open arms and included a lovely old Whittard’s crockery set, a beautiful ottoman and a wooden plant stand – all of which we’ll post separately about at some stage.

By Sunday afternoon we were done and dusted.

Anyway, enough of our storytelling, lets show you some pictures!

The living room

Our cushion game is strong ๐Ÿ’ช

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I can't believe this is our house! (Insert missing spider-plant in the Heals vase…)

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Here kitty, kitty… #flat #throw #tapestry #urbanoutfitters

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My happy place โœŒ๏ธ

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Finishing touches.

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photo 4

The kitchen

photo 1

Tutti frutti #littledetails #kitchen #lemonsandlimes #fruitbowl

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photo 3

#reclaimed #kitchen storage

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Isn't it just?

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ย The bedroom

photo 1

photo 2


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My fave chair in situ #flat #chair #tapestry #vintage #floral

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photo 5

The bathroom

*ding ding*

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photo 2

The garden

Passion fruit with flowers in the back garden ๐Ÿ˜

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So there we have it, our new digs.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the move – friends, family, removal man and all the well wishers, we’re very grateful.

We’re now looking to have a re-vamp of the blog, making it look a little more slick so stay tuned!

David & Mark x

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