One of the main concerns we had when moving into our flat was getting our freecycled sofa through the door and into our lounge. Now, we don’t exactly live in Buckingham Palace, so we knew we were going to have to be a bit savvy when manoeuvring it in…

After taking the legs off and getting some help from our friendly delivery man, we did get it through the door – albeit just – and then faced the tricky part of getting it into the lounge. At one point David had to climb over to support Mark at the other end, lest he be crushed. With some extreme heave-ho we got it into position, but there was one problem… We’d taken a chunk of paint off the wall in the hall.

After searching high and low and finding no spare paint left over or available, we were pleased to find an abundance of paint matching services available for unlucky people like us who potentially need to hide something before the landlord sees it.

First comes Crown Paint’s Colour Match App. Taking interior decorating into the 21st Century and proving the age-old proverb, we realised there really is ‘an app for that’. Working on the ethos ‘See it, Snap it, Match it, Paint it’, we can take a little breather now knowing that we can match the exact colour that was there before there was a gaping hole in the plaster.

The cleverly named ‘Colour Match’ service from Dulux is another option we have. They can scan pretty much any object and not only match the colour, but also the finish of the item you are looking to paint. Now, unless we want to take another honking chunk out of the wall, we might have a bit of a problem but we assume they’ll be able to do this from an image. (read: we hope)

Albany Paint also offer this service. With this option, all you need is a bit of the colour – about the size of a 50p piece – to match the colour. Take this along to your nearest Brewers location and they can do this for you. Again, it doesn’t really help us when it comes to matching a wall but again, we’re sure you’ll be able to do this from an image.

So there, all is not lost! We just hope our landlord isn’t reading this. And if you are – sorry.

Slinking off to do this before anyone notices,
David & Mark x

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