At the weekend Mark’s parents came down from Glasgow for a weekend visit – we went to Zumbura, the Imperial War Museum and also Kew Gardens (more of that in tomorrow’s Friday Finds), it was a lovely weekend, but the best bit? Mark’s handyman dad, who knows everything about those annoying household problems you learn to tolerate, but you live with.

There were a few things in the flat not as they should be – broken taps, wonky cupboards and doors which won’t shut. We’re by no means experts when it comes to D.I.Y and we’re more than happy to hold our hands up to that, but it’s great when things like this happen and you can actually be taught a little something to take away with you for the future.

Let us share our wisdom…

The kitchen door didn’t shut. Our pushy-in-button-thing (technical term) didn’t pop in when you tried to close the door. Not the end of the world, but it is the little things that matter right?


Well, it turns out that if you get yourself a screwdriver, line it up with the indent, push in and turn, this will bring it in or out further.


It’s a bit trial and error – keep going and trying to shut the door until you have the right amount of ‘ping’, if the door shuts to easily and you find that a breeze pops it back open then just bring the button back out a little.

Who knew?!


Just call us DIY Dave and Mechanic Mark x

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