Filled with inspiration from the Dulux Colour Futures talk and gratefully supplied with a couple of tins of their Colour of the Year; Copper Blush, we decided to (finally) upcycle one of our many pieces of furniture which we’ve had in the ‘to paint’ pile.

David bought this mirror several years ago from Wilko‘s…


The frame is covered with bonded brown leather which sadly, over the years has begun to peel, rip and look rather tatty. Basically, it’s seen better days.

IMG_7600 IMG_7603


It was definitely time that this mirror had a makeover.

As we have our lovely yellow wall, we wanted to contrast the Copper Blush to create something modern and graphic with a Scandi feel and generally inject it with some life. Our moodboard:

Dulux Colour of the Year Copper Blush
Kelim cushion from Ferm Living
Kelim cushion from Ferm Living
Image courtesy of Heart Home
Image courtesy of Heart Home


So how did we go about it?

First things first, that worn material.

We initially thought it would simply be a case of peeling it away but as we got going we realised that their was an under layer of paper which had been glued down. With big sighs we got going putting our poor little thumb nails to good use and scraping away. Taylor Swift’s new album kept us in high spirits (it’s good by the way) and slowly but surely we managed to expose the natural frame.

Not very a-peeling!

Now, you can’t quite see it very well from the image above but the wood underneath turned out to be a very cheap MDF and where the glue had pulled away on it, it had created a “fuzzy” finish, making the wood almost furry.

We tested some paint on a small patch and agreed that we’ve got this far so we might as well give it ago despite the wood not being ideal.

To get the material off the inside rim proved quite the challenge – scissors, a knife and a pizza cutter later and we were still trying to neatly cut the material away. That’s when the light-bulb switched on and we decided to take the mirror out of the back – this made life much easier!

It was whilst doing this that the light-bulb grew bigger and we came to realise that the wood on the back was smooth, flat and would be much easier to paint.

The wood before…
The wood after.

We spun it over, and placed the mirror round the other way. As you can see, this did expose the metal clips but this didn’t bother us and we quite liked the industrial, exposed look.

Next, we taped around the inside edges of the mirror to make sure no paint went over as well as a diagonal strip on one corner to give that geometric, graphic and Scandi feel.

Ignore Davids creepy face!
Taped up and ready to paint.


Next came the paint courtesy of Dulux – Copper Blush!

You can read all about Copper Blush being Colour of the Year here.

Now we’re not expert painters/DIY-ers and as this was an impromptu paint session we didn’t have any tools. Luckily, our landlord had left some rollers and a paintbrush in the outside shed. With those in hand, we got going.

Firstly, just to say, the paint is great and went on like a dream. We also didn’t need much paint at all, we gave it two coats and it dried ever so quick.

Secondly, because we’re mucky pups, we got paint on quite a few places – the actual mirror, the kitchen surface and the sofa (don’t ask), all of which needed some water and a sponge and came off in one wipe. Ideal for impatient, messy, amateurs like us!


Once dried, we peeled off the tape. Now, originally we were going to paint our diagonal strip in a musky grey but as soon as the wood was revealed we loved the tone of the wood against the Copper Blush colour and thought that this gave it the Scandi feel we wanted so decided to leave it as is.


And that was that. We screwed to hooks on to the back along with some string and have hung the mirror pride of place on the lounge wall so it perfectly reflects the yellow wall…

It was only afterwards that we realised our diagonal strip was slightly off line but still neat all the same!



And that’s how we injected the Copper Blush trend in to our home!

What do you think of the mirror? Let us know if you love it, we’ll try not to blush! Leave us a comment or tweet us.

David & Mark x

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