So, by now it’s common knowledge that Marsala is Pantone’s colour of the year for 2015 and we’ve seen a lot of great things said about it. However, how many of us would actually bring this trend in our homes and if so, to what extent. After all, nothing upsets us more than what’s basically a brown wall.

We’ve seen Marsala invade the runways and red carpets now, with everyone from Beyoncé to Jennifer Lawrence embracing the trend. So how feasible would it be to incorporate this into your home? First of all, we all know this colour has an expiration date (December 2015 to be exact), so do you want the hassle of re-doing it all over again? For some people this is a big yes, but we’re not the most proactive on the painting front – plus we rent so this is probably more hassle than its worth.

Image from Pantone
Jane confesses to Alex that she’s more of a Copper Blush kind of girl…

Pantone says that Marsala “makes for an elegant, grounded statement, whether it stands on its own or serves as a strong accent alongside other colours” ( It would seem that even its creators think the colour is too strong for a whole colour scheme! Mark had a look at ways to bring it into your home at his other job (shht!) for Kelly Hoppen. Check out this Pinterest board that’s got some ideas on how to complement the Marsala trend with other colours. There are loads of other colours you can use to complement or contrast with it, so don’t be afraid to take a chance. For us, it’s about making this colour contemporary and fashion-forward.

Marsala Pinterest

One major trend we’ve spotted for Marsala is including it in the bathroom. Unfortunately, we’ve seen a lot of brown walls – oh dear – but on Crosswater’s blog we spotted nice little touches of Marsala in their shots. From candles to hand-towels, they have proved that you can embrace this trend without making drastic changes to a home. Luckily most bathrooms have a blank canvas to accessorise with, so this rich and deep tone will look right at home.

Image courtesy of Crosswater Ltd
Image courtesy of Crosswater Ltd

So what’s your opinion on Marsala? Is it an exotic delight or something you would want to keep on your dinner menu? We think that if we spilled tikka marsala on the walls, we’d want to wipe it off – so why would our choice of paint be any different!

So if this ‘colour of the year’, it’s going to be a long one for us.

Roll on 2016,
David & Mark x

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