When a Whatsapp message came through from a friend recently with this image we just couldn’t believe our eyes.


This is an engagement card spotted from JacobyDesign on Etsy and it scarily looks a little like us. Yes, it may be called “Hipster Gay Wedding Card” but lets just bypass the hipster aspect of it… and the wedding bit for that matter.


Straight away we knew we wanted it and so proceeded to contact the seller to see if he’d be happy selling us a bigger print and praise be, he was!

Well, an A3 print arrived and we couldn’t be happier. We purchased a cheap white frame from Wilkos (which sadly fell on the floor – but lets ignore that) and it now adorns the blank wall above our bed…



What do you think? A great find if you ask us!

David & Mark x

P.S. everyone ignore the fact it was a wedding card, we are NOT getting married

P.P.S. thank you Kristen who deserves all the credit for finding this

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