It’s been a while since our last 5 Minutes With so we’re thrilled to return with interior designer and stylist, Bhavin Taylor.

Championing colour and pattern, Bhavin has worked on some amazing projects, with lots of exciting things in the pipeline. Here’s what Bhavin had to say…

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1. Tell us about the first place you called “home” and how did you make it your own?

The first place I called home was the first house I bought in Angel. It was a really small (cosy) 2 bedroom house that was built on land that would have originally been someone’s garden, the ground floor was half underground and the door number was 6 and a Half. It was perfectly quirky. Naturally as it was my first home my budget to renovate was tiny, so I kept most of the house neutral but added added pops of colour from a dark pink painted wall and a feature wallpaper from Osborne & Little that had a flock pattern also in dark pink.

2. You’re an interior designer and stylist, tell us more about your background and how you’ve got to where you are now…

“It was all very “Devil Wears Prada””

I originally studied fashion design and textiles, however when I worked in the industry I did not enjoy it at all. It was all very “Devil Wears Prada”. So I left that world, did a short stint in finance (don’t ask) and then decided to retrain in 2009 at KLC School of Design. Since then I have worked with various design studios in London, New York, Vancouver and Toronto and in 2014 set up Bhavin Taylor Design.

3. How would you sum up your design style? Any tips and tricks you can give us when thinking about re-doing a room?

My design style is quite bold, injecting colour, pattern and personality into my client’s homes. The UK has a tendency of being quite grey so I think that it is important to have colourful homes to come home to every day that will make you smile.

A lot of people are afraid to add bold colours and patterns, so my tip is be brave and take the step. Start with something small and then over time keep adding further layers that work together developing the personality your room. The main thing to remember is nothing is permanent and can always be changed if you really don’t like it.

“A lot of people are afraid to add bold colours and patterns, so my tip is be brave and take the step.”

4. What’s been your favourite project to date?

My favourite project is my Hells Kitchen Penthouse in NYC.  It was my first solo project, so will always be close to my heart. I love the bold colours and patterns used throughout the apartment. The orange and blue in the open plan living space, which has a one off rug that I pieced together using various patterns from a company called Flor. The master bedroom with its all over black and white wallpaper and the 2nd bedroom/office in orange and pink. It really is a showcase of my signature style.

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5. We imagine you have lots in the pipeline – any exciting projects you have coming up which you could let us know about?

As well as working on my current interior projects, I am about to launch a new side to my business “BHAVIN TAYLOR home”. This starts of with a range of Furnishing Fabrics that are bold and striking along with one off pieces of furniture that are upholstered in the fabrics. I am quite excited about launching this and hopefully developing it further into other home products. Watch this space…

We can’t wait to see more of Bhavin Taylor Home! Thanks to Bhavin for taking the time to answer our questions.

Find more about Bhavin on his website and make sure you follow him on Twitter and Instagram for design inspiration.

David & Mark x

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